IQ Good Practice International: Looking abroad

European countries glance at IQ Network’s work and find inspiration. With its publications series "IQ Good Practice International" the Network IQ returns the gaze and aspires to look beyond the horizon. This format highlights outstanding international labour market integration approaches that are suitable for transfer to Germany and other European countries.

Good Practice examples are intended for all IQ stakeholders, such as the regional networks and competence centres, as well as for (inter)national stakeholders outside the Network IQ, such as employment and training administrations, educational institutions, companies and enterprises, as well as for labour market and integration policy makers. Four criteria turn projects into good practice: transferability, innovation, sustainability, and efficiency.

  • Transferability: The Good Practice example can serve as a model for new projects and is as flexible as possible with respect to other national contexts.
  • Innovation: The Good Practice example responds to current labour market challenges with a new and creative idea.
  • Sustainability: The Good Practice example is sustainable in terms of its structure (long-term, continuous) and its results.
  • Efficiency: The expenses (personnel, time, costs, etc.) are proportionate to the successes. Also, the practical application of the good practice saves time and money.

Please see the fact sheet for more information about  IQ Good Practice.

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A migrant-centered digital learning platform

Digital navigation platform for cultural translation provides multilingual learning modules on government websites about integration, the labour market and career guidance


The My Plan approach

Peer coaching can help newcomers improve work-related language skills, by fostering their awareness and autonomy as learners.


Upwardly Global

Relaunching Careers Through a Digital Service Model


Startup Preschool by Startup Migrants

Startup Preschool is an intensive 3-day course in business, networking, and ideation to empower multicultural founders and discover business talents.


Upskilling Adults 45+ with a Migrant Background

Return migrants and migrants above the age of 45 receive a mix of affirmative measures to support their employment and inclusion.


Fast Track

Enabling a Quicker Entry into the Labour Market Through Chain Measures in Sweden



A free 6-months fellowship for refugee women provides certified training on new technologies.


EntryPoint Mentoring Programme

Enhancing Opportunities for Both International Talents and Enterprises in Finland


Ignite Small Business Start-ups

In Australia, a three-year programme guides refugees towards entrepreneurial success.


DUO for a JOB

Enhancing opportunities for both young people with migrant background and experienced people over the age of fifty


Turbo Evaluation for Employers

Fast Track Evaluation of Higher Education Credentials in Norway