A fresh wind on the labour market

Tapping the potentials of people with a migration background

How does the Network IQ
support my
credentials‘ recognition?

What does the Network IQ offer to municipalities and employment services?

Which support does the Network IQ provide for my company? 

The Network "Integration through Qualification (IQ)"

works to improve employment opportunities for people with a migration background. One objective is to ensure that professional qualifications acquired outside Germany more frequently lead to employment appropriate to one’s level of education, regardless of residence status.

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Finding counselling services, contact areas and contact partners

Publications in the IQ database

Fair Integration: Information - Advice - Support

The counselling provided by Fair Integration is aimed at refugees and other migrants who are not from the EU. Fair Integration advises
you on issues relating to your rights and obligations in employment and support you if you have problems in your job. Find out about your rights and obligations on the page of Fair Integration. The Fair Integration advice centres are represented in all 16 federal states. The advice is free of charge, can be anonymous and is provided in different languages.



Professional Inclusion of high-skilled refugee women in the STEM sector

On 26 November, Fabienne Braukmann (IQ Dissemination Project) presented the Network IQ to an audience of integration policymakers, practitioners and experts at the Mutual Learning Conference “Innovative approaches to…

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