Magazine "IQ konkret": current issue covers core topics of International Metropolis Konferenz Berlin (IMCB22)

This issue of the "IQ konkret" magazine is different: It’s being published in both German and English. The reason is that the funding programme “Integration through Qualification (IQ)” is participating in the 25th International Metropolis Conference Berlin (IMCB22). The IMCB22 is organised by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS).

The ministry has invited Metropolis International – the world’s largest international network for exchanging knowledge on issues concerning migration, integration, and diversity – to Berlin for a forward-looking discussion of these topics.
Our authors and interview partners in this issue are involved in the conference as chairs of plenary sessions, speakers, or organisers; in their articles they discuss the conference’s core topics:

  • The impact of multiple crises on migration and mobility
  • The impact of technological development and the future of work
  • Climate change – impact on migration
  • Conditions for fair migration

Network IQ is not only represented by the task force specially created for the conference. It is also helping to shape the programme in the form of workshops and study tours. You can find an overview of the workshops offered by IQ in this publication.

In addition, three IQ projects offering study tours at the IMCB22 provide insight into their work. The Club Dialog organisation for migrants advises Ukrainian refugees on gaining recognition for their qualifications. LIFE e.V. provides academics with further training to equip them as ambassadors for climate change issues. Fair Integration fights to prevent unfair working conditions and exploitation.

The “IQ konkret” editorial team wishes you an enjoyable read and an exciting conference!

Download magazine "IQ konkret" 02/2022 here (PDF).