"Integration through Qualification (IQ)"

IQ Good Practice

The current funding period 2015–2018 of the Network IQ involves approximately 380 different subprojects belonging to three priority areas: "Counselling on Credential Recognition and Job Training", "Bridge Training Schemes in the Context of the Recognition Act" and "Development of Intercultural Competence". These projects aim to integrate people from a migration background into the labour market. One of the main concerns of these activities is to ensure that professional qualifications acquired abroad lead to employment appropriate to one’s level of education, regardless of residence status. The actors, methods and strategies involved in these projects are highly diverse. In order to highlight different approaches and successful case studies, this website will publish examples of "IQ Good Practice" that stand out due to their innovation, sustainability, and transferability.

The selected examples are colour-coded to indicate their relation to the five IQ action fields:

  • green stands for Counselling and Job Training of Migrants (before 2015: "Recognition of Qualifications")
  • dark blue for Work-Related German Language Training
  • red for Intercultural Opening and Anti-Discrimination (before 2015: "Diversity Management")
  • orange for Migrant Entrepreneurship (before 2015: "Migrant Start-Ups")
  • blue for Immigration (before 2015: "Job Training of Migrants")
  • turquoise for others or interdisciplinary topics


Regina Kahle

Christian Zingel

IQ Good Practice: Increasing transparency — creating structures

Optimisation of recognition procedures through cooperation at federal state level

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IQ Good Practice: IQ agreement with recognition authority

Co-operative approach to identifying need for counselling — improving the recognition process

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IQ Good Practice: Motivation for entering the labour market

Group counselling for female refugees in cooperation with labour administrations

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IQ Good Practice: Determining your own path through life

An innovative job training scheme for volunteer counsellors from migrant organisations and communities empowers participants and assesses competencies

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IQ Good Practice: Organising integration effectively in the company!

SME tool box supports companies in all aspects of diversity-oriented personnel work and management.

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IQ Good Practice: German in the workplace

Training measure promotes occupational competence with practice-based approach

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IQ Good Practice: "Fast, uncomplicated and case-related"

Advice hotline for employers provides companies with information on all aspects relating to the labour market integration of refugees.

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IQ Good Practice: IQ counselling in Integration Points

Interlinked advice for refugees in a central contact point.

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IQ Good Practice: Initial training as a culturally sensitive learning process

Tailor-Made Initial Training concept supports the integration of new employees into the company.

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IQ Good Practice: In your own premises – in different languages

Event format Labour Market Talks with migrant organisations promotes information transfer in an active way.

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IQ Good Practice: Portal "We start a business in Germany"

Online and offline information and advice on setting up a business.

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IQ Good Practice: Short processes, quick decisions

IQ counselling on the recognition of foreign credentials and on job training is offered in direct cooperation with and within employment services. This optimises coordination processes. 

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IQ Good Practice: Identify competencies, promote empowerment

Project "Female migrants in Bavaria" increases labour market opportunities for female immigrants.

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IQ Good Practice: Language learning app "One day German – in nursing"

On the way to professional recognition: professional language training made fun

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IQ Good Practice: Blended-Learning-Format APO-Online

Course prepares pharmacists for the technical language and knowledge test, based on an innovative concept of integrated learning.

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IQ Good Practice: Information materials for volunteers

Helpful practical handouts to support volunteers with the integration of refugees into the labour market.

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IQ Good Practice: Qualifications for everyone

"QualiMigra" supports and counsels women with a migration background to integrate into the labour market.

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IQ Good Practice: "Ready, Steady, Go!"

Bridge training for economists with foreign diplomas

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IQ Good Practice: "Know Your Rights!"

Innovative brochure supports female refugees in gaining knowledge for a self-determined and independent life in Germany.

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IQ Good Practice: Test phase for the labour market

The event format TASTE the Job enables refugees to get an active insight into their dream job and supports companies in finding new employees.

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IQ Good Practice: Trainee programme for professional recognition

Bridge training for health care professionals relies on competence-oriented professional integration.

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IQ Good Practice: Individual learning of "teachers' language"

Analysis for potential ensures that foreign teachers acquire communication skills according to personal needs.

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IQ Good Practice: International bridge training seminar for social work

Academic adaptation measure leads to formal recognition of social work degrees acquired abroad.

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IQ Good Practice: Individual support for full professional recognition

"Health care bridge training" brings international care workers into jobs near their residence.

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IQ Good Practice: Specific examples, practical recommendations

The information brochure 'Securing skilled labour through international employees in my company - How does it work?' provides legally compliant answers.

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IQ Good Practice: Incorporating migration-sensitive standards

Intercultural ambassadors assist and support the process of intercultural opening in employment agencies and job centres.

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IQ Good Practice: Innovative language training through team teaching

team teaching

Intensive exchange of specialist and language teachers enables participants to understand complicated language content.

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IQ Good Practice: "I learned German at work"

german at work

Recommendations for suitable language courses and more effective communication in companies.

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IQ Good Practice: "KiK": online course for qualified nursing staff

IQ Good Practice "KiK"

Web-based language course for immigrants who want to gain recognition of their professional qualifications in Germany.

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IQ Good Practice: Short work paths for optimal networking

IQ Good Practice "workshop"

For labour market integration of refugees, all important municipal partners of the statutory institutions work together and network in a regional workshop.

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IQ Good Practice: MY FOLDER - Welcome to Saxony

IQ Good Practice "my folder"

The topic-specific file folder allows immigrants and counsellors to keep a constant overview regarding all steps towards integration.

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IQ Good Practice: Interlacing practice and language

IQ Good Practice "german for medical practioner"

German language courses "on the patient" prepare medical professionals for their career in Germany

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IQ Good Practice: Breaking down barriers - creating access

IQ Good Practice "guideline"

Six practical guidelines for labour administration employees to assist in the removal of hurdles during counselling.

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IQ Good Practice: Bremen handouts for language awareness

IQ Good Practice "Bremer Handouts"

A seven-part tool, developed in the IQ regional network Bremen, offers suggestions for working with linguistically heterogeneous groups in vocational education and training (VET).

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IQ Good Practice: Language-sensitive counselling: "We understand each other!"

The training concept of the IQ Competence Centre for Work-Related German Language with a clear guideline provides a common communicati on platf orm for counsellors and people seeking counsellin.

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IQ Good Practice: Instrument QUIA

"IQ Good Practice: QUIA"

"QUIA" is didactic material about professional recognition, which is used in language courses. The two-tier instrument raises awareness for the issue of recognition of vocational qualifications and supports individual recognition procedures.

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IQ Good Practice: Explanatory cards

"IQ Good Practice: Explanatory Cards"

Explanatory cards are an assistive tool which was developed for counselling in job centres. They help to convey complex information gradually by means of visualisation, thereby making this information more comprehensible and understandable.

So far, there are six explanatory card sets on "residence relocation", "arrival", "integration course", "job application training" and "sanctions".

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IQ Good Practice: Donor conferences

"IQ Good Practice: Donor Conferences"

In this format, relevant players in a specific labour market sector are brought together to review individual cases which require integration support. This enables to strengthen the coordination between existing services for the labour market integration of people with foreign qualifications and other important partners in the respective sector, such as representatives of competent recognition authorities, employment agencies and job centres, chambers, advanced vocational training institutions, immigration authorities and employers.

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