"Integration through Qualification (IQ)"

Diversity in support programme "Integration through Qualification"

If labour market institutions, businesses and public administrations are really inclusive, an equal participation of people with a migration background in the labour market.

 In many places, this represents a change of individual attitudes by intercultural competence development as well as a strategic opening through intercultural opening through anti-discrimination and diversity management & inclusion advance. More than 80 projects in16 federal states within the IQ support programme are tackling this by supporting the following target groups:

  • Labour market institutions (job centres, employment agencies, chambers of commerce etc.)
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMES)
  • Public administration and municipal institutions

Activities in thematic focus

  • Concept and strategy development
  • Development and expansion of intercultural competence through advice, training and qualification
  • Awareness of (often unconscious) stereotypes, prejudices, privileges, as well as organizational barriers
  • Activation and mediation of opportunities to act for the constructive handling of and targeted dismantling of barriers, resistances and discrimination
  • Mediation of the mode of action as well as application and implementation opportunities under the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG)
  • Advice and support during implementation processes
  • Development of competence and potential-oriented understanding of diversity as a benefit for society, the economy and the labour market
  • Networking, exchange of information and quality development 

How does IQ contribute to more intercultural opening, anti-discrimination and diversity?

The projects in the programme IQ works intensively with a wide range of labour market institutions, companies and administrations in the entire federal republic. For example, from 2011 to 2014, about 500 courses and training opportunities were offered for intercultural awareness and the development of competence in the area of job centres and employment agencies. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMES) cooperate with IQ projects to make their personnel work and corporate culture intercultural. SMEs often seek advice on how to recruit and retain people with a migration background or refugees or asylum seekers in a targeted manner. Numerous public administrations, which are often the largest employers in the region, work closely with IQ to ensure that social diversity is better represented at all levels of the administration. The IQ expert body intercultural competence development and anti-discrimination  uses its expertise to support IQ projects from the 16 regional networks within the thematic field of diversity. It provides technical information - for example in the form of publications, training, concepts and presentations - and processes requests.

Exchange, networking and knowledge transfer between the members of the funding programme IQ enables the specialist unit within the framework of working groups and special events.