Migrant Entrepreneurship and the Migrant Economy

  • What is meant by the term 'migrant economy'?
  • What do we know about migrant entrepreneurship?
  • What is the impact of migrant entrepreneurship on politics, the economy and society?
  • What influence does migrant entrepreneurshiphave on the integration of migrants?
  • What is the overall social contribution of migrant entrepreneurship?

This list of questions could be expanded to include many more. It appears urgently necessary to highlight the many facets of migrant entrepreneurship, particularly in the current situation of increased refugee migration to Germany. An in-depth examination can determine the importance of migrant entrepreneurship for the political, economic and social development - not just for Germany but also for countries of origin. These issues are raised in the dialogue with stakeholders from academia, public administration, migrant organisations as well as start-up and business consultancies.

In the Network "Integration through Qualification (IQ)", eleven projects are active in the field of migrant entrepreneurship. In addition to integration into dependent employment, various stakeholders endeavour to raise awareness for the significance of self-employment and inclusive entrepreneurship.

The stakeholders in the Network IQ work to improve the labour market integration of migrants

  • by positioning the performance potential of migrant entrepreneurship within politics, the economy and society. For this purpose, research is carried out on entrepreneurial activity of immigrants and its results are disseminated to politics and government;

  • through their commitment to an inclusive support structure for the start-up, consolidation and company succession phases of migrant enterprises, using innovative and target-group-specific consulting concepts and instruments that place the entrepreneurs at the centre;

  • through a nationwide dialogue between academia, politics, administration and practitioners on current issues regarding the entrepreneurial activity of immigrants. For this purpose, IQ stakeholders participate in regional, country-wide, national and international committees and conventions, cooperate with actors in related fields and consolidate their own IQ expert forum on migrant entrepreneurship.

Founder portraits

About a fifth of the total population in Germany has a migration background. Stories of migration result in a wealth of experience and ideas about values and standards that also frequently lead to self-employment.

How can this diversity be structured and used productively for its own benefit? In our "Portraits of Entrepreneurs" dossier, we introduce people with a migration history who share their path to self-employment with us.

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