Online-seminar on 28 January: Giving voice to refugees

Professional Inclusion of high-skilled refugee women in the STEM sector

The IQ online-seminar on 28 January, 11 am - 12 pm, will give voice to two refugee women living and working in France and who will present their successful paths through the fellowship programme “Tech4women” by Techfugees. Since 2018, the volunteer-based initiative accelerates the inclusion of female refugee with STEM degrees in the digital and technology sector. This training scheme does not only train female refugees but also combines networking, individual mentoring and jobdating in only 6-months-time. During the Corona-pandemic, the initiative Tech4women was able to continue their fellowship programme and will also give insights on measurements taken.

Two female speakers will present the fellowship programme and will also talk about their own experiences and perspective as former fellows.


  • Chérine Ali, European Scaling Manager of #TF4women, Techfugees, Paris, France
  • Rania Yussef, back-end developer at and a former fellow of the #TF4women programme, Paris, France


  • Fabienne Braukmann, Research Officer, IQ Dissemination Project/ebb GmbH, Cologne, Germany

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