New IQ Good Practice International "Ignite Small Business Start-ups" online

The series "IQ Good Practice International" keeps growing. The latest addition to the series (published July 2019) looks at "Ignite Small Business start-ups", an Australian programme guiding newly arrived refugees towards entrepreneurial success, and shifting the focus from their presumed shortcomings to their resilience and determination. The programme is managed by Settlement Services International (SSI), a Sydney-based nonprofit.

The publication series "IQ Good Practice International" looks at innovative approaches from other countries to promote the sustainable integration of migrants and refugees in the labour market. One of the main addresses is the Network IQ itself, which can build on these international insights to critically reflect on its own approaches and to continue the exchange with partners abroad. Additionally, these examples of good practice can also provide a creative stimulus to integration practitioners and policymakers alike.

Please find the IQ Good Practice International "Ignite Small Business Start-ups" here and all issues of IQ Good Practice International here.