Multilingual IQ website helps migrants and newcomers start a business in Germany

More than half of all newly established enterprises in Germany have been set up by a person with a migration background. Despite this great entrepreneurial potential, it is still hard for migrants to navigate the complexity of setting up a business. The IQ website aims to fill this gap. It offers would-be migrant entrepreneurs comprehensive and easily understandable advice on all stages of starting a business, compiling information that would otherwise only be available at many different sources.

Setting up and running an enterprise in Germany can be an intricate endeavour. Qualification requirements, administrative procedures, and permits for starting a business vary considerably depending on which country someone is from and which residence permit they hold. Therefore, one of the major strengths of the IQ website is its targeted approach. Not only does it provide information in 14 languages (including languages spoken by recent refugee cohorts, such as Arabic, Tigrinya, and Persian).

It also distinguishes from the very start between different categories of would-be entrepreneurs (e.g. EU migrants and non-EU migrants, refugees, students and qualified workers, people already residing in Germany and those still living abroad), carefully selecting the information that best suits their profiles and needs. And if any questions remain unanswered, the website is linked to a pool of expert advisors offering individual counselling via telephone or email.