More than 30,000 Refugees Supported by the Network IQ

More than a one and a half million refugees arrived to Germany over the last three years. Within this context, one of the central integration programs of Germany, the Network Integration through Qualification (IQ), was mobilized and strengthened to support the labour market integration of those with a refugee background. What has the quantitative result been so far?

Since the Network IQ started its explicit monitoring of those counselled with a refugee background in June 2016, the significance of this group in IQ's counselling projects became instantly clear. Over the last two years, 31.660 persons (29 per cent of the overall IQ clientele) with a refugee background were counselled for recognition; 9.475 (31 per cent) were counselled for job training. On top to this group, 3.871 people participated in job training measures (26 per cent). As some of those that have been counselled on recognition or job training also participate in job training measures, the overall number of individuals with a refugee background amounts to around 30.000.

More than two years after the so-called "refugee crisis" in 2015, these numbers certainly bear testimony to the Network IQ’s efforts to adapt to a changing context. Within this quantitative context, however, it has to be highlighted that not all of those with a refugee background will be part of IQ’s core clientele, as not all refugees are of working age (25 years old and upward) or bring (documented or informal) qualifications to Germany.

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