IQ Competence Centre on Immigration: FAQ on Residence Law Issues for People from Ukraine in Germany

This document available in German, English, Ukrainian and Russian answers frequently asked questions on various topics, such as visa issues, biometric passports or entry routes.

Due to the war in Ukraine and the associated migration of people from Ukraine, many questions regarding residence law are currently arising. This document takes up these questions and answers them on the basis of the current legal situation. Some questions have not yet been clarified or the legal situation is being successively adapted by the Federal Government of Germany, the governments of the Federal States (“Länder”) and the competent authorities. The latest information is incorporated into the document, it is a so-called “living document”. This document is no official information from the German government or any other public body. Therefore, you cannot refer to it when contacting German authorities.

This document contains an overview of legal regulations; it is not intended to and cannot replace legal advice and does not have any binding effect. Despite the care taken in compiling the information, errors, inaccuracies or outdated information cannot be ruled out. The presentation reflects exclusively the legal opinion of the authors.

The answers to the FAQs can be found here on the website of the Competence Centre.