Good Practice International: DUO for a JOB

Enhancing opportunities for both young people with migrant background and experienced people over the age of fifty

The Belgium project DUO for a JOB matches young immigrant jobseekers with people over 50 years, ideally stemming from the same sector, who can accompany and support them in their social and professional inclusion.

Since the start in 2013, DUO for a JOB has created more than 2600 duos in five cities in Belgium: Brussels, Liège, Antwerp, Ghent and Mechelen. The association is about 1000 mentors strong and has helped more than 1800 young people to find a job, an internship or a training programme (71% of positive outcomes). More than one mentee out of two (53%) finds a job within the 12 months that follow the mentoring period.