Eurostat: Half of Europe’s Young Unemployed are Willing to Relocate

21 percent of unemployed younger people in the European Union (EU) aged 20 to 34 are willing to relocate within their home countries. 12 percent would consider moving to another member state within the EU. 17 percent would consider relocation to a non-EU country altogether, according to Eurostat (the statistical office of the European Union).

A central aspect for these young people in deciding upon whether to relocate or not is their level of education. Young unemployed with a high level of education are more willing than their pendants with medium or low levels of education to relocate because of a job: 23 per cent of those highly qualified would move in their home countries; 16 percent are willing to move to another EU country.

90 percent of young people with a job aged 20 to 34 have not yet made a move for their current jobs. The percentage of young employees who already relocated to another EU member state is merely one percent. 8 percent have already moved to another place of residence because of their current job.