European Court of Auditors highlights challenges to migrant integration in the EU

The European Court of Auditors recently published a briefing paper on challenges regarding the integration of third-country citizens in the EU.

The paper points out that, in many EU Member States, integration support has targeted mainly refugees and asylum seekers in recent years. While these are crucial priorities, an exclusive focus on them risks leaving the needs of other migrant groups unaddressed. Moreover, the authors call for a better evaluation and monitoring practice around integration: currently, data are scarce and EU integration indicators are not always adequate.

Other challenges mentioned in the document are: delays in the start of integration support (due to people moving between EU countries, but also to lengthy asylum adjudication); instances of discrimination; inconsistencies in funding; EU Member States’ partial lack of commitment in designing and implementing policies; and the difficulty of coordinating numerous stakeholders in this field.

The briefing paper is available here.