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including hands-on report and interview with Dr. Olga Haber, contact for and author of the “SCHOOL your pronunciation” trainer

Phonetic trainer for foreign teachers

The “SCHOOL your pronunciation” training aid uses audio tools and a booklet to help practise clear and authentic pronunciation.

Starting position/challenge

IQ recognition advice most frequently provides support to individuals on teaching occpations. In the IQ context, language training is also offered for this target group. Coherent pronunciation and a clear style of speaking are essential for teachers to convey learning content and competent interaction with learners, colleagues and with parents. Previously, no appropriate materials were available for training pronunciation in conjunction with the specialist vocabulary and specific vocational communica tion situations. In light of the mostly lengthy qualification pathways for this group of people en route to recognition, and given the lack of materials, the development of a teach-yourself manual by passage gGmbH‘s IQ Competence Centre for Work-Related German Language was a necessary step. The aim was to improve the situation for the target group itself, but also for the institutions which work with the target group.

Implementation of the “SCHOOL your pronunciation” tool

A range of different specialist expertise was involved when creating the “SCHOOL your pronunciation” (in German:  SCHULE deine Aussprache) tool. The purpose of the tool was to embed phonetic learning content into specific occupational vocabulary as well as to take into account the principles in the methodology of German as a second language, adult education and the practice of teaching phonetics. The authors, Olga Haber,  Katrin Hannappel-Schröder and Benno Peters developed a manual consisting of four parts: (1) test for self-assessment and external assessment, (2) prosody (e.g. exercises on word stress or intonation), (3) consonants and vowels of standard German and (4) use of everyday language.

The manual comprises 20 chapters with 215 audio files. Each chapter was trialled in a subject-observer setting. Improvement in pronunciation and increasing motivation was observed in the subjects even during the trial. Diagrams were produced to help visualise the sound articulation, a glossary containing simply explained terms was created, and an answer key for all tasks was prepared. The test developed for self and external assessment gives users the chance to identify their individual needs, to prepare the training plan and to gradually work on their pronunciation. In the individual chapters, learners find out about the pronunciation rules, get to grips with phonetic phenomena, and try out the pronunciation tips. The range of texts, fun elements and entertaining listening texts aim to provide motivation for practice. At the end of each chapter, learners reflect on what they have learned and record their successes.


The booklet is available as a print version. It can also be downloaded free of charge along with all the audio files and the answer key from the website The phonetic trainer is now being used across Germany, in particular in Network IQ subprojects. It is also being downloaded and used abroad.


Addressees for transfer:

Non-native teachers who want to have their vocational qualification recognised, and training providers who work with this group.

“SCHOOL your pronunciation” tool. B2-C2 phonetic trainer for teachers

There had previously been a lack of materials providing preparation specifically for the school context by embedding the phonetic learning content in the specific occupational vocabulary. “SCHOOL your pronunciation” is a practical manual developed to fill this gap. The phonetic train er is a self­learning manual for foreign teachers who have German language skills at level B1 and would like to practise their profession in Germany. They are able to independently train their pronunciation using typical school-based communication situations,  while simultaneously expanding their understanding of everyday school life in Germany. The booklet, audio files and solutions can also be accessed easily on the internet.

Competence centre:

IQ Competence Centre for Work-related German


passage gGmbH

Project partner:

Dr. Olga Haber, Nagelsweg 10, 20097 Hamburg, Tel.: 040/87090919, olga.haber(at)