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including hands-on report and interview with Gavin Theren, project manager at IKÖ-Team Nord, and Ronald Schütz, project manager at IKÖ-Team Süd

Online training in a compact format

The IQ Minis allow virtual training on intercultural opening to be offered even when restrictions on contact are in place.

Starting point/challenge

Contact restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic have accelerated the development of online events. The IQ Mini online seminars were devised within a brief period of time due to the high demand for the regular training provision of the Service Centre IQ "Intercultural Advice and Training" Saxony-Anhalt of the providers Auslandsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. and Hallesche Jugendwerkstatt gGmbH in Halle and Magdeburg. The IQ Minis represent a compact form of intercultural training in the Network IQ Saxony-Anhalt, which can be used as a teaser for in-person workshops and training, especially where there are reservations about topics such as intercultural opening and diversity.

Putting the IQ Minis into practice

It was necessary to quickly develop the formats, find digital promoters, and at the same time professionalise working with a virtual learning environment. The new product was ready to be used within two- and-a-half weeks. IQ Minis are an online event format lasting 90 minutes. The aim is to provide a low-threshold introduction to topics relating to intercultural opening.

The format can be used prior to or to supplement an in-person workshop. This allows us to present important topics to people even when there are restrictions on in-person workshops. Three events are currently available: "Diversity verstehen und gestalten" ("Understanding and shaping diversity"), "Trauma und achtsame Kommunikation" ("Trauma and attentive communication"), and "Einfache Sprache sprechen und schreiben" ("Speaking and writing in plain language").

All the online events can be adapted to fit various target groups, such as hospital staff. An IQ Mini is a kind of "appetiser" which raises awareness of the not always obvious need for intercultural opening within organisations. At the same time, the number of participants can increase significantly, as the compact training can be used independent of time and place. Feedback on the first seminars was very positive. Participants registered for additional training events or requested individual advisory services. The IQ Minis will be continued even after the pandemic ends and will be further adapted in the coming years.


The compact format and easy accessibility of the provision has shown that the online seminars represent a relatively low-threshold option for many people to learn about specific topics. Thanks to the brief duration and easy accessibility of the provision it was possible to provide training in an efficient and straightforward way. The subproject has been able to hold 17 events with an average of ten participants so far.

Addressees for transfer:

Employment authorities, education and training providers, companies

IQ Minis online format

The IQ Minis are an online format offering a brief and focused introduction to various topics surrounding diversity, the development of intercultural competence, and barrier-free communication. The interactive format is a low-threshold way of motivating people to engage with intercultural opening. Regardless of time and place, the IQ Minis stir participants’ curiosity and sensitise them to diversity and participation.


IQ Saxony-Anhalt – Intercultural competence development


Auslandsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. (Saxony-Anhalt Migrants’ Association); Hallesche Jugendwerkstatt gGmbH (Halle Youth Workshop)

Project contact partner 

Gavin Theren | Interkulturelle Öffnung (IKÖ)-Team Nord | Auslandsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. | Schellingstr. 3-4 |
39104 Magdeburg | +49/391/5371201 | gavin.theren(at) |

Leandro Gamboa | Interkulturelle Öffnung (IKÖ)-Team Süd | Hallesche Jugendwerkstatt gGmbH | Große Steinstr. 75 | 06108 Halle | +49/345/22580204 | leandro.gamboa(at)