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including hands-on report and interview with Cristina Torres Mendes, project representative for “”

Breaking down barriers – creating access

Six practical guidelines for labour administration employees to assist in the removal of hurdles during counselling

Starting position/challenge

Labour administrations employees, migration counsellors as well as intercultural trainers.

Practical guidelines:

Linguistic obstacles in counselling are burdensome for labour administration employees and for job seekers with a migration background. The materials support the employees of job centres and employment agencies to expand their skills and provide specific ideas and inspiration to make counselling sessions as efficient as possible. The six practical guidelines, that were developed as part of the project, close this gap. For example, the “recommendations for communication for labour administration employees” translate terms from the German Code of Social Law (SGB) I and II into an easily comprehensible language. Other products, such as visual aids in eight languages, facilitate communication with clients.

Project: – recognize discrimination and act!

Implementing organisation:

basis & woge e.V.

Project Contact:

Cristina Torres-Mendes, Steindamm 11, 20099 Hamburg, Tel.: +49 (0)40/39 84 26 - 44, cristina.torresmendes(at) 

Addressees for transfer:

Employment agencies, job centres, social welfare services, refugees, social refugee workers, and counselling centres

MY FOLDER as a tool:

MY FOLDER is a storage space for all documents, application copies, assessment notices and counselling infos. On the one hand, the file folder is a system for storing and organising for refugees as well as immigrants. On the other hand, the folder serves as an information and structuring tool for the staff of the statutory institutions, which provides a continuous overview of the state of the various processes. The tool is regionalised for cities or counties and contains basic information on ten important topics in German and English, as well as all important contact details. QR codes are assigned to the contact details so that the competent authorities can be found quickly. In addition, the folder contains a city map, in which all relevant institutions are marked.


QUASI think further

Implementing organisation:

EXIS Europa e.V.

Project Contact:

Kay Tröger, Römerplatz 4, 08056 Zwickau, Tel.: +49 (0)375/390 93 65, post(at)