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including hands-on report and interview with Hannah Ott, employee in the “Augsburg recognition advice” project based at the IQ Network Bavaria – MigraNet

Innovative format for illustrating the process

The specific procedure for the recognition of a professional qualification acquired abroad is effectively visualised in a z-fold leaflet.

Starting position/challenge

The recognition of professional qualifications acquired abroad is a key requirement for  skilled workers when seeking a job appropriate to their level of training. In conversations with strategic partners and labour market stakeholders, IQ specialist advice services frequently identified a lack of appropriate media for explaining the complex process of labour market integration and the different roles of the participants. Case studies were used to explain the recognition process and the key role of IQ advice. A PowerPoint presentation was created. It became apparent however, that, for describing the complex processes involved, a different form of visual presentation might be more effective — one which outlines success stories more concisely and with greater impact.

Implementation of the “innovative format for illustrating the process”

The content and graphics were prepared for three success stories taken from the Augsburg recognition advice project. The stories came from “Tür an Tür – Integrationsprojekte gGmbH” provider of MigraNet, the IQ Network Bavaria. The presentation of different case studies helps those seeking recognition to understand integration in the German labour market much more clearly. The focus here is on the recognition process and the essential role of the IQ specialist advice services. There was a greater emphasis on showing the procedure for different professions and occupations. For example, an electronics technician from Bosnia  Herzegovina obtained full equivalence as an electronics technician for building and infrastructure systems — a non-regulated profession in Germany. The Spanish specialist teacher for early years education received recognition as a state-recognised nursery teacher and a Croatian physiotherapist received certification of full equivalence in the occupation he trained for. The teacher and the technician require full equivalence to be able to work in their professions as these are regulated professions. The presentation was in the form of a z-fold leaflet which illustrates the complex processes involved in labour market integration in a very accessible way . The individual process stages from starting out by seeking advice to achieving your goal (recognition and a position as a specialist) are  graphically represented along a time line and the key points are highlighted with milestones. The relevant specialist terms are also explained in the additional fold-out sections of the z-fold leaflet.


The z-fold leaflets clearly demonstrate that even a highly complex process such as the labour market integration of migrant skilled workers can be presented in a transparent and appealing manner. They provide a form of visual presentation which has not previously existed in the area of recognition. The target groups are able to more clearly understand the role and the work of IQ specialist advice services, which supports more efficient collaboration. Ultimately it is, above all, those seeking advice who benefit from this kind of coordinated approach between all stakeholders.

Addressees for transfer:

Labour administrations, advice centres, training service providers, companies, relevant recognition offices.

Innovative format for illustrating the process

The z-fold leaflets illustrate the complex procedure for recognising professional qualifications acquired abroad. They explain three success stories in different professions and occupations which, in terms of content and graphics, have been prepared in a transparent, concise and very clear manner. Labour market stakeholders can identify the services and role of IQ in the process of labour market integration from the first glance. They can clearly see the stages of the process where working with IQ is an advantage. Those seeking advice benefit in turn from the coordinated approach among all stakeholders.


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Tür an Tür – Integrationsprojekte gGmbH

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Ines Weihing, Wertachstraße 29, 86153 Augsburg, Tel.: 0821/9079941, ines.weihing(at)