Regional Networks

Integration into the job market can succeed when all labour market stakeholders connect and work together. Therefore, our regional networks closely cooperate with relevant local stakeholders, such as employment agencies, job centres, organisations that provide professional recognition, chambers of commerce and industry, as well as other advice centres. Our 16 regional networks operate more than 400 subprojects, which focus on four different priority areas.

Priority Area 1: Advice on Credential Recognition

Network IQ’s advice on recognition aims to support people who hold foreign credentials to integrate into the labor market sustainably and appropriate to their level of qualification. More than 70 advice centres and another 100 experienced mobile IQ advice teams support our clients on their way through the recognition procedure. Our advisors inform about suitable bridge training schemes or compensatory measures when needed. With its new programme line “Fair Integration”, Network IQ set up advice centres targeted specifically at refugees and non-EU-nationals in all federal states. These centres provide advice and support on social and labor rights issues.

Priority Area 2: Compensatory measures within the Context of the Recognition Act

Our subprojects in this priority area offer compensatory measures to support the full recognition of foreign professional qualifications. Qualifications legally required in regulated professions can be compensated for in these trainings. Moreover, academics in non-regulated professions are provided with bridge training schemes to support entry into employment appropriate to one’s qualification.

Priority Area 3: Development of Intercultural Competence

The third priority area is the development of intercultural competence among labour market stakeholders. The primary target groups are job centres, employment agencies and local governments, as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The goals are to raise awareness about migrant-specific issues, to initiate sustainable intercultural opening processes and to eliminate discrimination within organisations. To this end, our subprojects offer trainings and consultancies.

Priority Area 4: Regional skilled worker networks – immigration

In this new priority area, Network IQ supports and connects stakeholders that work to secure the supply of skilled labor. Employers are advised on the possibilities and procedures of skilled labour immigration in close cooperation with the Employer Service (AG-S) of the Employment Agencies. By connecting all relevant local institutions, Network IQ supports processes of recruitment and integration of international skilled workers. At the federal level, Network IQ cooperates closely with the Service Center for Professional Recognition (ZSBA).