Competence Centre on Migrant Entrepreneurship

"Setting-up | taking over | securing businesses" – these are the current fields of work of the IQ Competence Centre on Migrant Entrepreneurship. We focus on migrants living in Germany, who came to Germany as professionals or refugees.

We want to give you an impression of the many facets of entrepreneurship. Since the beginning of the millennium, start-ups have experienced a boom that has largely gone unnoticed by the general public and academic discourse. Migrants are responsible for about 50 percent of all start-ups and account for approximately 20 percent of all self-employed persons.

Their disproportionate start-up rate and variety is evident in various sectors: they include doctors and tax consultants as well as kebab shop and nail studio owners. Social entrepreneurs are no exception, as our portraits show. Migrant Entrepreneurship

In spite of all the euphoria, immigrants also have to overcome obstacles on their way to self-employment. These range from access to information on self-employment and legal requirements regarding residency to the recruitment of skilled workers and trainees and the transfer of companies to suitable successors.

These challenges have to be faced and appropriate concepts have to be made available. We can access tools developed together with colleagues, inlcuding the ideal-typical startup process, the multi-lingual dossier on terms relating to startup support, the seminar for individual and target group specific consulting. Migration-specific instruments for the consolidation of companies and company succession are currently developed.

Our initiatives continue to focus on the high number of international students in Germany: Students, graduates and skilled workers from non-EU countries are still barely regarded as potential self-employed entrepreneurs. Therefore, we started the platform "We're Setting up Business in Germany" in order to provide prospective entrepreneurs with ongoing support.

In the case of refugees, it is not just qualified specialists who are coming to Germany but also formerly self-employed persons. Their entrepreneurial nature was significantly higher in many countries of origin than in Germany. Voices that are hoping for an entrepreneurial boom are becoming loud. How can this development be addressed? With proven concepts, we want to find new ways to meet the requirements of refugees.

Our work and the good practice does not remain hidden, but is being brought to the general public thanks to the close dialog with practice, politics, administration and science. To this end, we have organised the "Expert Forum on Migrant Economic" as a platform for current issues and developments relating to migrant entrepreneurship in Germany.


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