Competence Centre for Intercultural Opening and Anti-Discrimination

By means of the intercultural opening of labour market actors, the removal of discrimination and diversity management, the IQ Competence Centre for Intercultural Opening and Anti-Discrimination aims to foster diversity in companies and society in general. With its expertise, the competence centre supports subprojects and stakeholders in the Network IQ, employment agencies, job centres and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): It provides technical and practical information - for example in the form of publications, training, concepts and presentations - and processes queries. The bodies and committees set up by the competence centre enable exchange, networking and knowledge transfer between members of the Network IQ. The IQ Competence Centre for Intercultural Opening and Anti-Discrimination works on the following issues:

  • Intercultural competence development and intercultural opening, inclusion, awareness raising

  • Anti-discrimination: AGG (General Equal Treatment Act), positive measures, discrimination-free and culturally fair recruitment procedures

  • Diversity management: Dimensions of diversity, diversity check, operational diversity monitoring, diversity-oriented job descriptions and application procedures

  • Education and training: Designing target group-specific training courses, training of multipliers, provision trainers, quality development

  • Information offers: practical guidelines and working papers, knowledge tools, dossiers, good practice collections, presentations, exoert events, workshops

  • Transfer between academia and practice: Developing current academic discourse and transferring this to the network IQ; knowledge exchange with representatives from politics, research and business

  • Target groups: regional IQ networks and IQ sub-projects; Federal Agency for Employment (BA), employment agencies and job centres; small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); local authorities; politics, science and business


VIA Bayern e.V.

Landwehrstr. 22
80336 München

Fon: 089 - 419027 -28 / -27